#Motion graphics

HK Doggies League – Animation

Hong Kong Doggies League (港狗聯萌) is a social media campaign to educate the public about the correct attitude on keeping dogs. Our mission is to connect all Hong Kong people to more understand how to treat dogs in order to…

Welloh Animation

Short animation for a medical app. With Welloh you can get directions, reviews and ratings of urgent care centers, hospitals and pharmacies near your location.

Annie Tohill Animation and After Effects Reel (Updated April 2019)

Animation and After Effects Reel Portfolio: https://annietheanimator.com Email: annietheanimator@gmail.com Shot list: 1. POTS. “Zebra Munchies”. Regent University. Character design, animation. TVPaint. 0:05 2. Lotte Reiniger Animates Shadow Puppets. Lotte Reiniger Tribute. Regent University. Hand design, animation.0:08 3. Nebula. Light in…